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Big Signs and Big Moves

November 13, 2017, 8:15 AM Przemysław Radomski , CFA

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It’s no secret that weekly moves and signals based on them are more important than the daily ones. After all, if we saw one sign for the next day or two, but knew that the week was going to end with the price moving in the opposite direction, we would know that following the daily move would be very risky. Instead, we would aim to take advantage of the initial move to take a position for the upcoming big move… Which brings us to the current situation – the week is over and we have quite a few signals of significant importance. Let’s take advantage of them.

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We will answer the question of why the American currency has been falling like a stone recently, despite the Fed’s tightening cycle. We will also explore the historical bull and bear cycles in both gold and the U.S. dollar, as trend in this currency is likely to be the vital driver in the gold market in 2018.

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