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Within this set of investment tools you can rely on, there is certainly one that you need first. Choose tools below that best complement your trading strategy, goals and expectations. These tools represent our latest achievements in financial software, and are intended to make your investment decisions better informed, less time consuming, and of course, more profitable.

Pyramid Optimizer

Pyramid Optimizer Pyramid Optimizer calculates strike price of the option that maximizes your gains on a particular move in the underlying equity. You will see the profitability of the best strike price, the profitability of the at-the-money options, and the profitability of combining a few option trades (pyramiding them) so that you can easily decide whether the difference is big enough to justify the risk.

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Gold Stock Ranking

Gold Stock Ranking Golden StockPicker quickly shows you where would a given gold stock be if it was traded at its fair value. Every day the situation changes slightly, and Golden StockPicker adjusts accordingly. It ranks stocks in order of their leverage and exposure to gold, and tailors this ranking to your specific trades and needs.

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Silver Stock Ranking

Silver Stock Ranking Silver StockPicker is a modification of our Golden StockPicker for the Silver Market. It provides the same functionality on estimating the future value of a given stock. Based on daily updated market data, this tool generates a ranking of silver stocks with a custom fit to the trade you are about to make.

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Gold & Silver Correlation

Gold & Silver Correlation Correlation Matrix presents you the key markets that according to our research are likely to have the biggest influence on precious metals, stocks and junior miners in the coming days, months and years. It helps you manage your portfolio better by detecting the possible catalyst for either breakout or breakdown.

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True Seasonals

True Seasonals With an accuracy of predictions that far exceeded our expectations, True Seasonals is the first publicly available tool to combine the seasonal influence with the impact of derivatives. It enables you to see whether the price of gold, silver, HUI, XAU, USD indices, stock indices, and individual mining stocks is likely to rally or decline during a soon based on the seasonal factors and the effect of expiring derivatives -- all with an indicated quality of projection.

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Position Size Calculator

Position Size Calculator Position Size Calculator uses our own, developed in-house, model for adjusting option position sizes according to your view on the market regarding expiration dates. It pays special attention to long-term success of your portfolio. It can perform calculations for betting on a single transaction, speculating in two time frames, as well as investing in three time frames.

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Golden Option Calculator

Golden Option Calculator You'll find Option Calculator's simulative functions a must-have on many of your option trades. Among others, it estimates an option's cost, given the price of a particular stock/ETF. The precision and the speed of calculations enable you to take the right decisions faster, and make transactions without costly delays.

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Gold Alerts

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