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What kind of investor are you? Read below how Sunshine Profits can help:

If you're a buy-and-hold investor...

You will certainly appreciate our assistance with structuring your portfolio, selecting PM stocks, drawing your attention to long-term turning points in the market, and optimizing your bullion holdings.

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You might also be interested in other markets that are very important for the long term outlook for the precious metals market, even if you're not interested in them directly:

If you trade gold, silver, PM stocks, other stocks, currencies, crude oil, and/or bitcoin...

You will be particularly interested in our Gold & Silver Trading Alerts and Gold News Monitors, where we share our thoughts on the current precious metals market situation, as well as many markets that influence it. Our Charts are about to become a valuable component to your trading strategy. They provide you a convenient way to select PM stocks with a particular trade in mind, and tell you what exactly signals an important top.

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If you trade gold, silver, PM stocks, other stocks, currencies, crude oil, and/or bitcoin and you use options...

In addition to the above mentioned parts of our website you’ll find some of our other tools interesting as well. The Option Calculator, based on the Black-Scholes model, is designed specifically to make quick simulations, and answer questions like "What happens if this stock goes down 87 cents?" very quickly. The Position Size Calculator adjusts option position sizes according to your view on the market. The Pyramid Optimizer detects the most profitable strike prices and fine-tunes your pyramiding trades and checks if this is indeed the best way to go.

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If you work in the investment business...

You might be particularly interested in our methodology, as well as in the instructions that we provide for our tools and charts. While we cannot reveal proprietary information, we believe that what do reveal will be more than enough for you to decide that our content is worth including in your analysis.

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If you’d like a more detailed overview of how Sunshine Profits can improve your specific investment strategy, simply contact us and tell us about yourself, your portfolio, your current strategy, and/or your expectations. We'll then get back to you as soon as possible, and provide you more information on how we can help.

General information

Where to find gold and silver buy / sell ideas on
Gold & Silver Trading Alerts section is the answer. Go to Services & Products -> Gold & Silver Trading Alerts and start browsing through our alerts and messages.

As you will notice, our alerts are something more than just simple buy or sell information. In fact each alert is in-depth analysis of current precious metals markets trends combining both, fundamental and technical analysis (while we don't cover fundamentals each and every time, as they don't change that often, we monitor them and when they do, we let you know). No matter if you are a long-term investor or short-term speculator / trader, if you are interested in the precious metals market, our Gold & Silver Trading Alerts are designed to suit your needs. We also provide alerts for other markets, if you are interested: Gold & Silver Trading Alerts, Forex Trading Alerts, Stock Trading Alerts, Oil Trading Alerts, and Bitcoin Trading Alerts.

Don't worry if you haven't heard about correlation, diversification, seasonality or cyclical tendencies. Go to the Dictionary where you will find all definitions you might wish to know. Bored with definitions? Read the stories in which our Virtual Assistants (Eric, John and Professor Jill) will tell you what does e.g. gold to silver ratio means in practice.

But what if you want to know more than that. If you wish to move one step forward and optimize your actions. It's simple thanks to our Investment Tools and SP Indicators. There are some basic rules of using them, naturally explained in video instructions for your convenience, so go on and try them too.

How about trading? As you will notice, our Investment Tools and SP Indicators are developed in a way that enables you to use them for speculation as well. In our Gold & Silver Trading Alerts we tell you whether some specific opportunity concerns speculative or long-term part of your capital. Gold & Silver Trading Alerts play the notable role in keeping you updated. We are also sending them out whenever quick action is required. Please forgive us the simplicity, but when the time is a key factor, the form has to be reduced in order to speed up the sending process.

At times you will require more and more detailed information and we respect that also. When the details come in to play, we are happy to provide you with weekly markets fundamental analysis, loads of technical charts, reports, and Research results on many important topics. Here comes the Your Ideas section where you can exchange your thoughts with us, ask us to develop some specific tool that might become very useful, run a research on something you suspect to be a mechanism standing behind the patterns you are observing in precious metals.


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Just right of those two, you will see the search box. Simply enter here the word or phrase you are looking for and it will quickly find it for you. There is also "Advanced Search" link to help you fine-tune your search results or choose the search topic right from our Tag Cloud (the bigger the tag is, the more popular the given topic is). From and To fields when clicked on, will show you a calendar to further contract your search results to given time-frame.
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