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Corporate Social Responsibility at Sunshine Profits

Sunshine Profits’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are the results of our values which are: Care, Commitment, Transparency, Integrity and Responsibility. We have integrated those values into every day performance of SP by implementing a number of adequate solutions:

  1. An interactive tool dedicated to helping investors choose the mining companies which at the same time provides both: profitability and a responsible approach towards environmental and social issues
    It is our input into socially responsible investing. By having this tool in our portfolio we offer our Clients the opportunity of making a conscious choice in terms of which mining company will be supported with their money. This tool is also an attempt to draw the attention of Clients to sustainable development aspects.

  2. Code of ethics
    We have decided to work out and announce the Sunshine Profits’ Code of Ethics in order to let our stakeholders know about the values and rules we follow while delivering our products and services. Proper functioning of this code is ensured by a mailbox [email protected] where any violations can be anonymously reported.

  3. CSR reporting system
    We have chosen to structure and standarize our communication with the stakeholders considering CSR practices, activities and solutions by implementing a CSR reporting system. Annually published reports (every January) will inform on SP’s performance in the field of CSR

  4. Safety and privacy section on the website
    With regard to safety of our website visitors and their awareness while using the Internet we have created a new section dedicated to such issues as privacy, card security or mobile security. Our security expert provides his knowledge and experience with benefit to all SP website users.

  5. Internal knowledge management system
    We strive to include everyone into decision-making or solution-finding processes within our SP Team because we are aware of the variety of experiences, and loads of creativity, which stands behind it. The internet-based communication and work management system we use every day, supplemented with financial bonuses and incentives, helps us to manage and support innovative ideas of our Team members.

  6. Customer friendly refund system
    Beacuse we wish that our Clients feel comfortable with SP services we offer our Clients a 30-day money back guarantee. Every Client has 30 days after each payment to request its refund for whatever reason.


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