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All top gold ETF, silver ETF, gold ETN & silver ETN funds. All in one place.


  • The Internet's most complete gold & silver ETF ranking.
    We've included over 100 ETFs and ETNs in this list (including the most popular ones: GLD, SLV, GDX, NUGT, DUST), which is more than in any competing product.
  • All the right attributes for all the right reasons.
    Each ETF and ETN is described by 11 important characteristics that matter when it comes to choosing an investment fund to trade. Want to find a gold ETF to short the market? No problem. Looking for 2x and 3x leverage gold ETFs? We got you covered.
  • Inside facts revealed.
    We've included all there is to know about each entry on the list, the fund's owner reputation, along with closeness to the real metal.
  • Your ranking. Your way.
    This interactive list enables you to quickly find your top picks for ETFs and ETNs by selecting the characteristics that are relevant to your trading style. You can examine gold ETFs, silver ETFs, PGM ETFs, gold stocks ETFs and other, mixed ETFs.

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