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  • Mining Stocks: Gain Even More Through Rebalancing

    gold silver stocks rebalancing

    While the rest of the market was down, over 30%, rebalanced gold stocks portfolios managed to gain as much as 94.92% and rebalanced silver stocks portfolios – as much as 90.64%! What do we mean? How to rebalance the portfolio to make the most of it? How often? This report deals extensively with the above issues and also covers a few aspects of mining stocks trading. Enjoy!

  • Gold, Silver and HUI - Detecting Price Highs and Lows

    gold, silver and HUI index highs and lows

    If there is one thing that is always true about precious metals' prices, it's that they always change. Local tops are followed by local bottoms in an endless stream of cyclic changes. So how do you know if the market is at a local turning point right now? In this report you will find the answer to that question.

  • Impact of Margin Increases on Gold & Silver Prices

    margin increases in gold and silver

    The short-term impact of increasing margin requirements on precious metals is often considered bearish. Is this a real pattern or just an urban legend? Does it permanently alter the price range?

  • Gold Silver Pair Trading

    gold silver pair trading

    Here’s a fresh, in depth look at the important gold-silver ratio indicator with tell-all charts and ideas to help you interpret it and trade the pair for profit. The gold-silver ratio is one of the first indicators traders look at in order to comprehend the state of the precious metals market.

  • Mining Companies - Your Individual Ranking

    mining companies

    Some stocks offer you more exposure to the price of the yellow or white metal, than others. From that point of view some stocks might indeed be called more golden than others. But how do you know which ones to pick?

  • Gold, Crude Oil, and Silver Trio - Revealing the Mystery

    gold, silver and crude oil

    Crude oil is undoubtedly the commodity most closely related to precious metals. Historically, PM Investors extensively applied the relationship between gold/silver and crude oil to gauge market trends, especially while considering the long-term scenarios.

  • Gold & Silver Options Pyramiding – Risky and Very Profitable Strategy

    option pyramid

    This essay is not about ancient Egypt, nor about the great architectural creations of Central or South America. This article is dedicated to one of the riskiest and most lucrative strategies ever developed. It might be particularly useful for gold and silver speculators who dare to massively boost their profits.

  • Japan, Platinum & Gold - Links and Outlook

    Japan, Platinum and Gold

    The recent tsunami and earthquake in Japan have caused fluctuations in precious metals market moves. A detailed analysis of Japan’s precious metals sector could illustrate the possible market impacts in the near-term. To what extent did the slump in industrial demand caused by the disaster affect the platinum and palladium markets?

  • India and Gold Market – A Comprehensive Canvas

    gold market and india

    Blogosphere discussions on Indian gold demand generally ends up in jewelry, jewelry, jewelry… nothing else! Gold is an integral part of the Indian life style. The improving economic scenario, demographic advantages, traditional buying power during marriage and festival seasons and the never ending, insatiable demand for gold as investment will likely encourage global gold market moves.

  • Gold Speculation Can Be Profitable When Positions Are Small

    gold speculation

    Every now and then we receive messages from our Readers about the sense of speculation given that one could simply stick to their long-term investments. In our view, investing in the long term is a very good idea, suitable for many investors, but it’s not the best idea and the odds are that you want to treat your capital in the best possible way.

  • Gold Corrections: Detecting and Taking Advantage of Them With Options

    gold price correction

    Did you know that at times options get cheaper even though they are more likely to bring profits? Indeed, that's true... And making those profits yours is just a matter of buying the right option at the right time. In this essay we will focus on buying call options when the market seems to have bottomed, and buying put options when the market approaches its top.

  • Gold Seasonal Report

    Sunshine Profits is proud to introduce a completely new tool for precious metals investors. Our proprietary seasonal charts with derivative effects have been designed to support you in your investment decisions. Thanks to using it you gain a sound knowledge of what might happen next and what level the rate of return might be - all of that accompanied by the Quality of Projection measure.

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