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  • Dr. Philip K. Anthony player poster

    Dr. Philip K. Anthony CEO, Decision Quest US

  • Bhavin Pandya player poster

    Bhavin Pandya Investor US

  • Roy Crummer player poster

    Roy Crummer Investor US

  • Video commentaries player poster

    Video commentaries Sunshine Profits US

  • Jeff McGuire player poster

    Jeff McGuire Investor US

  • Karl Kuhn Jr. player poster

    Karl Kuhn Jr. Investor US

  • Chad Haycox enlarge

    Chad Haycox Investor Shoals, IN, US

  • Peter Steiner enlarge

    Peter Steiner Investor US

  • Robert Thaler enlarge

    Robert Thaler Investor US

  • Martin Neville-Smith enlarge

    Martin Neville-Smith Investor Cambridge, UK

  • Trond Tveten enlarge

    Trond Tveten Software Developer Oslo, Norway

  • Cliff Carlson enlarge

    Cliff Carlson Investor Springfield, MO, USA

Przemyslaw Radomski - Founder of Sunshine Profits

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA (PR) is the founder, owner and the main editor of



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