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Position Size Calculator uses our own, developed in-house, model for adjusting option position sizes according to your view on the market regarding expiration dates. It pays special attention to long-term success of your portfolio. It can perform calculations for betting on a single transaction, speculating in two time frames, as well as investing in three time frames.

Position Size Calculator:

  • Provides access to our in-house option position sizing model
    Built around our proprietary model that we developed for ourselves and tested on our own capital, the Position Size Calculator optimizes the structure of your portfolio. It implements the logic of combining investments in different time horizons simultaneously.
  • Designed to optimize your strategy between short-, medium- and long-term options
    The Position Size Calculator finds the golden mean for the duration of your trades. It enables you to truly excel in your options trading by adjusting sizes of positions according to your own view on the market. It pays extra attention to the success of your portfolio in the long run, and makes sure that taking more risk is justified from that perspective.
  • Estimates maximum exposure of your positions
    It calculates the point at which risking more capital does not bring more profit, no matter how risk-tolerant and brave you are. We strongly suggest using the results from this model as a maximum exposure of your risky positions, rather than reading the results directly. Using less capital for your trades than this tool suggests will likely make you money in the long term.
  • Answers the big question: day-trading vs. long term investing -- what's better?
    Making a fortune on day-trading is tempting, while growing your capital by buying early in the bull market and sitting tight all the way up to the top is also very attractive. The Position Size Calculator enables you to make use of both of these strategies simultaneously, and boost your profits while keeping the risk at a low level.

Here's how it works:

position size calculator

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