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Sunshine Profits for Publishers

You can safely publish our content on your website(s) by following these rules:

  • You may share / reprint only static content that is available on our website for not logged-in users. If viewing a part of the content that you're considering sharing is possible only after logging into the website, then you may not share / reprint it.
  • Each part of our website that you decide to share / reprint must be accompanied by a link to the part of the website where it was originally located.
  • If you're posting our entire essays, you may not change them in any way (remove paragraphs, links, charts etc.). You may quote a part of a given essay, if it is accompanied by a clear indication that the full version is available on our website along with a link to the full version.
  • Some of our tools will have a "demo" version that will be accessible without being logged in. Taking screenshots from this demo version and publishing is allowed if the screenshot is accompanied by a link to the page on our website with this particular tool with proper description*. Framing our tools or reposting them in their interactive form in any other way is forbidden regardless of whether they are available to not logged-in users or not.

Your source of fresh periodic content

Here are the best ways for you to publish our content periodically:

  • Our distribution mailing list. We will send you .doc files with our essays soon after these essays are posted on our website. In order to get on our content distribution list, simply contact us.


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