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Mining Stocks: Gain Even More Through Rebalancing

February 17, 2014, 8:23 AM by Przemysław Radomski CFA
gold silver stocks rebalancing Mining Stocks: Gain Even More Through Rebalancing

Mining stock ownership can be compared to growing a small garden. You can get amazing results over time with just a little effort, but if you plant/invest and forget, you might ever regret starting in the first place. In case of a precious metals mining stock portfolio, the key thing to keep in mind is rebalancing. According to our research, by forgetting to rebalance one is likely missing on a large part of the profits. If the above has your curiosity, the following will get your attention: while the rest of the market was down, over 30%, rebalanced gold stocks portfolios managed to gain as much as 94.92% and rebalanced silver stocks portfolios – as much as 90.64%! What do we mean? How to rebalance the portfolio to make the most of it? How often? This report deals extensively with the above issues and also covers a few aspects of mining stocks trading. Enjoy!

rebalancing-gold-silver-mining-stocks.pdf (24.4 MB)

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