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Our Profitable Move in the Miners and the Fed Bazooka

March 24, 2020, 9:16 AM Przemysław Radomski , CFA

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Available to premium subscribers only. In today's Gold & Silver Trading Alert we are adjusting the profit-take levels for our profitable long positions in the mining stocks. We entered it in the final 25 minutes of the March 13 session, with GDX at about $17. That (March 13) was also when we completely closed our short positions in the precious metals sector - the ones that we had opened on February 21st - one day before the final 2020 top.

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Feb Market Overview

Gold Market Overview

Last month, we laid out our gold outlook for 2020. In the February edition of the Market Overview, we update our fundamental analysis to incorporate the latest data, in particular those about the US fiscal policy. As the bipartisan consensus is that deficits don't matter, the perspective for gold this year could be better than we previously thought. Second, we look beyond 2020 and sketch the fundamental trends that will likely shape the global economy and the gold market through the whole 2020s.

Moreover, we will analyze two important recent developments. The first one will be the 2019 repo crisis and the following Fed's intervention in this market. Second, the Riksbank has ended recently its experiment with negative interest rates. What does it all imply for the gold market? We invite you to read our Gold Market Overview and find out!

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