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Precious metals investment terms A to Z

Unconventional Monetary Policy

Unconventional monetary policy is a monetary policy which directly targets the cost and availability of external financing to banks, households and non-financial companies.

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Unemployment Rate

It leads to anxiety disorders, depression, increased alcohol consumption or even drug addiction. And it causes 45,000 suicides a year globally. So you definitely do not want to experience it. To be unemployed. It means that a person wants to work, seeks for a job, but cannot find it. Some people, for whatever reasons, are, unfortunately, unemployed. To determine whether many or few people in a particular economy are unemployed, we use the unemployment rate, which is a percentage of unemployed individuals in the total labor force (employed and unemployed people).

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USA and Gold

We don’t need to explain what the United States is. Everyone knows that it is the world’s leading economy and military power, one of the wealthiest and the freest places on earth. However, its links to gold are less known. So let’s analyze what is America’s impact on the gold market.

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tops prediction corrections in gold

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