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Why do your indicators flash buy signals when your predictions are bearish?

July 15, 2011, 12:00 PM Przemysław Radomski , CFA

Your indicators have recently flashed a buy signal while at the same time you were bearish on the market. I’m a little bit confused. Could you clarify the matter?

The key difference between us and our indicators/tools is objectivity and scope. Our tools and indicators are completely unemotional and objective as they follow one defined algorithm. We, on the other hand, take into account many factors, not just one indicator or tool. And, at the same time, we cannot be 100% unemotional. We strive for that goal as far as our investments are concerned, but we're only humans and even though we can get close to that, we can never become as unemotional as a mechanical tool.

So, we may see a signal from a given tool/indicator but choose not to take it into account based on some factors. At times we will be correct, but at times it turns out that we were incorrect while our tools nailed it. That was the case recently when the SP Gold Bottom Indicator flashed a long-term buy signal right at the bottom.

As Premium Service Subscribers you have access to both - our up-to-date thoughts on the market (Premium Updates / Market Alerts / Messages) and to objective tools (SP IndicatorsInvestment Tools). It's up to you whether you decide to follow us closely (to the letter) or to have your own trading strategy and simply utilize our unique indicators/tools. Generally, most people start with "to the letter" approach and then make transactions outside our regular Premium Updates, but using our indicators and tools. No wonder – at the moment of writing one of them, the SP Gold Stock Extreme indicator, has been 100% correct since 2008.

Our new website enables even easier use of tools and indicators (and more of them with customization options), so you are able to utilize much more objective (and easy to use) tools and indicators in addition to reading our analysis.

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