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Which trading platform do you use?

November 9, 2012, 12:00 PM Przemysław Radomski , CFA

Which trading platform do you use to place your trades? Does this platform have the option to place short and long trades? I really want to follow your instructions by doing it on the same platform.

Generally, we prefer not to reveal our own broker, but yes, it does have the shorting option available. Please note that the suitability of a given trading platform can also depend on your tax jurisdiction. Different tax rates might apply based on your location, your platform's location and your investments' location - it depends on your legal system. We're not experts in that field so we can't recommend the best platform for you. Universally speaking, we have heard good opinions on Interactive Brokers. As far as instruments are concerned, again, there's the key issue of suitability. Futures and options are great for speculative purposes (and awful for long-term investments) but only for experienced traders who are certain not to risk too much of their capital. ETFs and ETNs seem suitable for the widest range of traders because of their simplicity and the fact that it’s not easy to lose everything even if the size of the trade is many times too big. Then there are CFDs (we are certain that you can follow our trades using the plus500 platform) that will be most likely ok unless you earn way too much (after all you will be betting against the regulator). Their biggest advantage is that it's very easy to start using it.

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