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What are your thoughts on platinum as insurance?

October 12, 2012, 12:00 PM Przemysław Radomski , CFA

What are your thoughts on holding physical platinum as insurance? Or holding it at all, long term? Is it a good form of diversification?

Long-term investment category: yes, it is good for diversification and additionally, while you remain invested in the precious metal sector you can benefit from the changes in relative valuations.

We didn't include platinum in the insurance category in our article on gold and silver portfolio structuring, because it has had minimal monetary usage in the past and consequently may not soar as significantly as gold and silver in the event of a collapse or serious turmoil in the monetary system, which is what this part of your portfolio is aimed at insuring and protecting you from. You can find out more about platinum in our interview with Nick Barisheff and our report on Japan and the precious metals market.

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