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I’m confused about your proprietary tools. Can you help me out?

October 26, 2012, 12:00 PM Przemysław Radomski , CFA

I am a trial subscriber of SP starting yesterday. I am quite confused about the proprietary tools and information you provided.

  • [1] Does one need basic knowledge of statistics to understand what you are actually doing?
  • [2] There is a myriad of tools such as the correlation matrix and SP indicators and the Gold and Silver ranking tool. How do I put all of these tools together and form a trading method? Do I start with, for example, the Gold ranking tool and look for gold stocks to trade, and then apply the correlation matrix and SP indicators to find the right candidate? Is there a flowchart, for example? How does one begin to play the concepts and begin using the tools?
  • [3] Are the tools interrelated or do they work independently?
  • [1] In short, no. If you stick to reading what you receive by email from us you will remain updated on our views on the market. If you'd like to check our top gold stocks, simply open the Golden StockPicker and click "calculate". For silver stock ranking go to the Silver StockPicker and click "calculate".On a side note, that's a tricky question, because it depends on what you mean by "what we're actually doing". If you want to understand how the ranking is constructed, then yes, some basic statistical background would be useful, but even without it you can read the report about a given tool in the reports section. After selecting a tool in the investment tools list, you will see "Detailed Report" and "Video" links in the menu on the left. This should make things clearer as far as our methodology is concerned.However, if - like most investors - you prefer to simply use tools without getting into details, we encourage you to watch the videos in the multimedia section.
  • [2] At this time there is only one source of automatic trading signals - SP Indicators which you will find in the charts section. That makes a total of 2 sources of signals (your Editor being the second one). You can think of it as two separate services combined into one. You can follow all provided indicators - the page with details and performance will tell you what kind of performance you can expect, what we suggest betting on when a signal is seen and where to put your stop-loss order.Why not start with following our analysis and one of our indicators. For instance the SP Gold Stock Extreme #2 indicator had particularly good signals in the past. You can then examine our reports, tools, publications and other features one at a time and decide if you want to use some of them on your own or stick with the interpretations and signals from our indicators.The Golden StockPicker and Silver StockPicker can be used for finding the best stocks if we or our indicators suggest taking a position in them. In this case (for speculative purposes) simply select "short term" as the perspective in the rankings.
  • [3] They work independently (at least for now). They are created for different purposes.

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