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Does it make sense to stay in the gold market if it is manipulated?

May 10, 2012, 12:00 PM Przemysław Radomski , CFA

It's all a waste of time. The Fed still exists, JP Morgan still exists. What's likely to change that? Ron Paul is out. Metals are done along with the dollar and the Constitution. Sell your gold, silver and dollars and use the proceeds to purchase vacuum packed food, jarred water, guns, ammo, and a bunker. Those items may buy you a little time unless you'd simply prefer to just die sooner. In that case no action is necessary.

People like Mike Maloney and Max Kaiser are bearish on gold and silver by stating gold should be at $15,000.00/ounce. That's a no-brainer. Gold should probably be at $40,000.00/ounce but it's going nowhere as long as JP Morgan-Chase and the Fed dominate.

It would take an insurrection to remove them. Americans are far too complacent. They don't have the courage of the Libyans. They're watching the Kardashians on TV. Gold and silver will periodically have their little explosive breakouts, then be collapsed again by the naked shorting of the banksters. I mean bankers. Nothing will stop this pattern.

I laugh when I hear people talk about Buffet and Bill Gates being the richest guys. The $50 or $60 billion they each have in their second rate companies is chump change. It's pocket money to swing by Dunkin' Donuts for an Iced Coffee. The real money is with people like the Rothschild heirs. Conservatively we're looking at over $100 TRILLION and perhaps much, much more. Perhaps in excess of one quadrillion.

Bill Gates and Buffett qualify for food stamps. The true wealth – not chumps like Buffett and Gates – will NEVER permit gold and silver to reach even one tenth of one percent of their true value. Give this nonsense up already. (…)

The Fed and JP Morgan exist, but they also existed in 2001 when gold started its massive multiyear rally. Since it didn't stop gold's price from rising over 5 times, it may not stop the price of gold or silver from rallying much more. Since gold is likely to move much higher in the long run then owning it sounds like a prudent thing to do in our view. Of course that's just our opinion and we're perfectly fine with whatever approach one will take as far as their precious metals holdings are concerned.

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