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  • Silver Spikes in Perspective

    There have been silver spikes and some were better than a Hollywood script, lots of drama, including courtroom drama. It’s always good to get some perspective and to learn from the past.

  • Fantasy Lunch with Warren Buffett - We Talk About Gold

    We imagine what it would be like to have a power lunch with Warren Buffet and discuss everything under the sun, including gold. This was our most popular post, so read on.

  • Gold - the More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

    The story of gold is as rich, lustrous and complex as the metal itself. It is as ancient as the Egyptian Pharaohs and modern as the mirrors coated with gold which astronomers use to capture images of the universe. The metal's mounting value is connected directly to its economic role as a stable alternative to paper currencies, and its rise should speak volume about the health of the global monetary system. We look at some historical anecdotes of gold with implication for today.

  • America: Denial or Decline?

    America going into a period of decline while a new power rises in the East, or is the country still one of the best places in the world in which to live, a beacon of innovation with a future as a world power.

  • Fiat Money - Too Much of a "Good" Thing?

    There’s a good reason why the U.S. government prints "In God We Trust" on the currency. It's all about faith. Some say it’s a Ponzi scheme.

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