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The most innovative precious metals tools that you'll find:

  • Fractalyzer: detect self-similar patterns on the gold market and profit on them. This tool provides price projections and it estimates whether the trend is likely to change. If you're our premium subscriber, you can access Fractalyzer here
  • NeuroGold: The tool's power is based on the unique approach toward neural networks. It creates a price projection and classifies the coming move into 3 categories: up, down, no change.
  • VAR: The tool is based on the vector autoregression model which allows you to check the relations between gold and various financial and economic indices and check which of them are key to watch. It also provides price projections. 
  • Gold Sentiment Charts: investor sentiment is known for being an important indicator for traders. This tool takes a unique and profitable approach to this phenomenon providing price and quality-of-projection projections. 
  • Physical Expert: among other features, it provides unique indicators based on levels of gold's physical holdings. It also tells you - in probabilistic terms - which of the popular indicators are likely to work particularly well given the current status of the precious metals market in physical sense. 

In order to ensure the long-term efficiency of the unique algorithms that are used in these tools, they are available to financial institutions and their employees only after individual approval. Please  for details.

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