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Precious metals investment terms A to Z

IMF (International Monetary Fund)

The International Monetary Fund, based in Washington, D.C., is an international, intergovernmental organization overseeing the global financial system.

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Imagine such a situation: if you could determine when you buy or sell your assets by watching just two lines, when one line crosses the other line, you buy. When the same line crosses the other line in a different, way you sell.

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The increase in the prices of goods caused by the increases in the money supply.

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Investment Tools

Software programs designed to support decision process on multiple levels. Unlike analysts, investment tools are completely unemotional and objective, which allows for diversification between these two sources of signals. Such diversification can substantially lower the risk (variability) without compromising profitability. In fact, if tools are accurate, investor's and trader's profitability can increase.

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tops prediction corrections in gold

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