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Precious metals investment terms A to Z

GATA - Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

GATA is an organization whose aim is to investigate, expose and oppose collusion in the price of gold and related financial instruments.

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Geographical diversification

Geographical diversification is the practice of diversifying an investment portfolio across different geographic regions in order to reduce the overall risk and improve returns.

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Gold Hedge Fund

Some hedge funds specialize in the gold market and in this case, one can benefit from both: gold's price gains, and portfolio manager's abilities. Naturally, there are some drawbacks as well, such as the fee that the fund charges.

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Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index

The Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index ($BPGDM) is a gauge of overbought and oversold conditions for the gold mining sector. It is a breadth indicator based on the number of stocks with Point & Figure buy signals (a Point & Figure chart emphasizes strong moves while ignoring small ones) within this index.

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Gold Reserve

Gold reserve is the amount of bullion that is held by the central bank or the treasury of the country. It contributes to the nation’s creditworthiness in the issuance of currency and bonds. Gold reserve that is held by the government should be distinguished from private hoard of goal held by individuals or non-financial institutions.

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Gold Silver Ratio

Trading gold-silver ratio can earn you money while you remain invested in the precious metals at all times - that's the first and foremost reason why every Gold and Silver Investor should know more about this ratio.

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Gold Standard

Gold standard is a monetary system wherein the value of domestic currencies is fixed to a certain amount of gold. National money including bank deposits and bank notes is convertible to gold at a fixed price. Gold is used as the standard because of its durability, rarity, and universal acceptance. When it is used as part of the hard-money system, it reduces the volatility of currencies.

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Grades in Commodities

Grade in commodity market refers to the purity or quality of the deliverable into the futures contract. Grade definition varies from contract to contract and also from exchange to exchange. Each exchange offer a range of products and according to the quality, the prices may vary.

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The most common usage of the term Greenback in the modern economy is as another term to refer to the United States Dollar.

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Group of Eight - G-8

The term Group of Eight (G8) refers to an association of governments from several developed countries which assemble to discuss world socio-economic matters of global impact.

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