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Silver Price Prediction

The long part of this article explains the details behind making silver price forecasts. But, we get the feeling that you'd prefer to check the current silver price prediction right away instead of reading about the methodology.

We also assume that you'd first want to know what is the performance of the one that is making the forecast for silver. That's why we'll start with the latter. We'll use the GDX ETF (gold miners and silver miners are included in this ETF) as the proxy for our performance.

silver price forecast

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Silver Price Predicting Techniques

The purpose of this essay is to explain the logic behind predicting silver prices. Since silver’s price movement is usually connected with the gold price movement, the science and art of predicting silver prices is very closely connected to predicting gold prices. Science, because some ways that can be used to proceed are of a scientific nature and art, because some ways that can be used to proceed are subjective and depend on the individual skill of the precious metals analyst (like drawing support and resistance lines). In most cases the former corresponds to fundamental analysis and in most (but not all) cases, the latter corresponds to technical analysis).

In general, the longer the term for which one would like to predict the silver prices, the more important are the fundamental issues and the shorter the terms for which one would like to predict the silver prices, the more important are the technical issues. It seems fair to say that as far as predictions for the following years are concerned, one should focus on the fundamental issues and treat technical analysis as an addition (long-term cycles and long-term trends are still important) and in the case of the upcoming weeks, one should focus on the technical issues and only use fundamental details as background.

There is no clear distinction between short- and long-term and there are time frames that fall in between the above. One could trade intra-day moves, very short-term moves (daily moves), short-term moves (weekly moves), medium-term moves (ones that take few months before they are over), and long-term moves (many months and years). Which of these terms for trading / investment one chooses is a different matter (in short, diversifying between both approaches seems to provide the greatest benefits), but the point that we would like to make is there is no fine line between them and that they relate to each other in a specific way.

If one wants to predict the silver price on an intra-day basis, one should still pay attention to trends and signals for silver that are visible on the short-term and medium-term charts. The analysis of long-term chart is also useful, but there will be something interesting in them only on rare occasions. The point is that the resistance and support levels that are based on longer-term charts are still important for shorter-term. If there is strong, long-term support/resistance, say $0.20 from the current silver price, the former is still likely to trigger silver’s reversal once it is reached.

If the shorter-term chart suggests that a move that is bigger than $0.20 is likely (say, a $1 price swing), the above-mentioned resistance/support $0.20 from the current silver price would still be likely to stop silver’s price move and thus the short-term signal would not be as reliable (and the trade would not be as potentially profitable) as it may seem based on the short-term chart alone.

It usually doesn’t work both ways – the factors based on longer-term charts are meaningful in case of short-term trades, but in the case of longer-term trades, the short-term factors usually don’t change much. For instance, if one expects a $5 silver move in the following weeks, would it really mean a lot if the immediate-term silver chart pointed to a $0.10 corrective move beforehand? Not really – it would be more a case of price noise.

Silver Price Forecast and News

There is one very costly myth regarding making silver price forecasts and that is that it is a good idea (or the only way to do so) to predict silver prices by reacting to individual news or by trying to profit on the expected price changes before the news. Naturally, it can be done every now and then, but please note that a broken clock also shows the proper time twice a day.

The problem with reacting to silver news is that the news and expectations of the news are practically immediately factored into the current prices and thus it is rather impossible to gain any edge through the reaction. One can be quick, but the odds are that one will not be quicker then powerful computers located right next to the stock exchange that are designed to react to “breaking news” as soon as possible. Not only is the news itself priced in almost instantly, it is the same with the changes in expectations. If the market views that a certain outcome is now more probable, the price will immediately reflect that. So, how could one generate profits over the long run by trying to outperform these near-instant reactions? That’s right, the chances are slim.

The approach that allows one to outperform powerful computers is using the thing that the computers can’t do as well as people – predicting the silver price using subjective technical means and through synthesis of facts from various sources (sentiment analysis, technical, fundamentals, cycles etc.) One way that news can be useful for making silver forecasts is through estimation of silver’s relative strength of reaction to a given piece of news. If silver should move in a given way (say, rally) based on something important (say, announcement of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank) and it doesn’t or does react but in a way that appears odd (silver rallies only a little or even declines). The above would indicate that silver is ready to decline if it doesn’t rally to such a bullish fundamental piece of information.

Expected Silver Rate Tomorrow

When predicting the silver price for the following hours or minutes (in other words estimating whether silver rate will increase or decrease in near future), one could use 30-minute or 15-minute charts, but also 2-hour, 4-hour and daily charts for detecting more important resistances and supports that could invalidate the short-term analysis. As discussed above, the technical factors are critical when determining the silver price for tomorrow, whereas fundamental analysis is of rather little importance.

Long term Silver Price Forecast

Medium- and long-term charts are more specific as the broadest point of reference is not the charts themselves, but the fundamental analysis of the silver market. In this case, the fundamental points could trump most technical techniques. For instance, it was only a few years after silver started its bull market (the bottom was in 1999) when the silver and gold Elliott Wave Theory enthusiasts started predicting imminent collapse of the gold and silver prices that would take silver many dollars lower. It didn’t materialize for years and there is a good reason for it – the silver fundamentals were extremely favorable (on a side note, the 2008 slide was rather artificial as it was driven by liquidity squeeze in the investments funds that had to close the positions – also in silver – to meet their margin requirements).

Consequently, while predicting major price moves in silver (several-dollar move), one should always check the fundamental picture and see how it fits the chart-based price prediction. This doesn’t (!) mean that charts are worthless – conversely, there’s nothing else that can help one estimate the bottoming or topping prices of silver. It simply means that fundamentals can say what is likely to happen in the following years and technicals can say how it’s likely to happen and what is likely to happen in the meantime.

Silver Rate Forecast India

We received quite a few questions about silver price prediction in India, so we would like to take this opportunity to address this issue. Generally, the same rules apply to the silver price prediction in India as to silver & gold price prediction in terms of the US dollar. In particular, the short-term price changes should be very similar in terms of both currencies, so the technical factors affecting the USD silver price should be extremely useful also in terms of the Indian rupee. In the case of the long-term silver rate forecasts in the Indian rupee, the USD:INR currency pair should also be taken into account.


All in all, depending on the term for which one aims to predict the silver price, they should use different sets of techniques. Now, the question becomes what about each of them is particularly useful.

Regarding the technical methods, we already wrote about them extensively about on another page, so we don’t want to repeat ourselves – you will find all the key details on our Gold Trading Tips page.

Regarding the fundamental techniques, we also discuss them more thoroughly in other parts of our website – you will find a more detailed explanation in our Dictionary (precious metals fundamental analysis). We also wrote an entire series of articles devoted to precious metals’ fundamental drivers on our gold Market Overview section (reports were posted between July 2015 and May 2016, but they remain up-to-date today as well). The points made are about gold, but they are also applicable to silver.

Silver Forecast 2020

In the case of predicting silver price for 2020, the same rules apply – both fundamental and technical issues need to be considered. Since the situation is constantly developing, we are not able to provide it in advance for the entire year. We do provide updated silver forecasts on a continuous basis, though.

If you’re interested in a very up-to-date and timely gold & silver price predictions and analysis, you will most likely enjoy our Gold & Silver Trading Alerts – we discuss the short-term price trends and predictions along the long-term direction of the silver price and we do so on a daily basis.

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