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  • Stock Trading Alert: No Clear Short-Term Direction As Stocks Fluctuate Along Record Highs

    November 26, 2014, 6:48 AM

    S&P 500 index made yet another new all-time high, before closing slightly lower. Will uptrend continue ahead of long holiday weekend?

  • Forex Trading Alert: EUR/USD – Currency Bulls Don’t Give Up

    November 26, 2014, 4:26 AM

    Earlier today, the Conference Board showed that its index of consumer confidence dropped to 88.7 in November, missing analysts’ expectations for an increase to 95.9. In a response, the U.S. dollar moved lower, which pushed the EUR/USD pair to an important resistance line. Will we see a breakout and further improvement?

  • Bitcoin Trading Alert: One Tick Closer to a Decisive Move

    November 25, 2014, 10:05 AM

    Yesterday was a continuation of what we had seen over a weekend. Today, we've also seen rising prices. Does this mean that it's time to get on the long side of the market?

  • Gold & Silver Trading Alert: Invalidation of Platinum’s Breakout

    November 25, 2014, 7:01 AM

    Yesterday was a day when the precious metals market took a breather, but it’s not true that nothing changed at all. Friday’s breakout in platinum was invalidated. Is this a “short again” signal?

  • Oil Trading Alert: Where Is the Price of Crude Oil Going?

    November 24, 2014, 10:42 AM

    On Friday, crude oil gained 0.47% as Thursday’s solid U.S. data and talks that OPEC may consider trimming production continued to support the commodity. As a result, light crude left the recent consolidation and closed the day above $76. Will we see a rally to $80 in the coming days?

  • What causes the moves in the U.S. dollar?

    November 24, 2014, 7:10 AM

    If the USD and gold prices have an inverse relationship, then forecasts for gold prices should be prepared while taking into account the expectations of currency movement. To do this, investors need to understand the factors driving the greenback. What causes the moves in the U.S. dollar, what can we tell about the recent greenback increase and what are the prospects of U.S. dollar index, and thus gold price, for the future?

  • Stock Trading Alert: Indexes Made New Highs – Will Uptrend Extend Even Further?

    November 24, 2014, 7:07 AM

    S&P 500 breached the level of 2,070, as it continued its bull-run. Is holding short position still justified?

  • Bitcoin Trading Alert: Is a Move below $350 Underway?

    November 21, 2014, 11:50 AM

    We saw a significant move down yesterday. The move brought Bitcoin down to $350. The volume was up and so the depreciation seemed quite important. Was it?

  • Stock Trading Alert: Stocks Extend Fluctuations As Investors Remain Uncertain – Which Direction Is Next?

    November 20, 2014, 7:12 AM

    S&P 500 index remains close to its all-time high as it trades slightly below the level of 2,050. Is holding short position justified?

  • Oil Trading Alert: What's Next For Crude Oil?

    November 19, 2014, 11:26 AM

    On Tuesday, crude oil lost 1.67% as ongoing speculation the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries will not cut output continued to weigh on the price. As a result, the commodity extended losses and approached the key support line. Will light crude finally rebound from here?

  • Why gold and U.S. dollar do not always move inversely?

    November 19, 2014, 6:03 AM

    The strength (or weakness) in the U.S. dollar is one of the most important drivers of price of gold. However, this is not always true and there are times when they rise or fall simultaneously. The traditional inverse relationship broke down, for instance at the turn of the 2008 and 2009 or during the two year period of 1978-1980. Why do such situations occur and what do these cases mean for gold investors?

  • Bitcoin Trading Alert: Did We Just See an Important Slump?

    November 18, 2014, 2:38 PM

    Yesterday, we saw Bitcoin fluctuate above and below $400 only to end the day more or less where it had started it. Today, the move has been to the downside. Is it time to go short?

  • Forex Trading Alert: How High Could USD/JPY Go?

    November 18, 2014, 8:57 AM

    Yesterday, official data showed that annualized Japan’s gross domestic product dropped by 1.6% in the third quarter, missing economists‘ forecast of a 2.3% growth and following a 7.3% drop in the second quarter, which puts the country in a recession. In these circumstances USD/JPY extended gains and hit a fresh multi-year high of 117.04. How high could the exchange rate go?

  • Oil Trading Alert: Are Crude Oil’s Bears Over?

    November 17, 2014, 1:03 PM

    Although crude oil hit a fresh four-year low on Friday, the commodity rebounded sharply as upbeat U.S. data and speculations that OPEC countries may consider cutting output supported the price. As a result, light crude closed the day above $75 and invalidated the breakdown below important support lines. Is it enough to trigger a trend reversal?

  • Gold & Silver Trading Alert: How High Will Gold Go?

    November 17, 2014, 7:50 AM

    Gold moved substantially higher on Friday and the volume was huge. The session was both significant and bullish, but the question remains if such show of strength can be a start of the next big move. As we promised in Friday’s second alert, we analyzed the situation thoroughly over the weekend and are reporting to you today.

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