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Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

Sunshine Profits' Corporate Social Responsibility reports are posted yearly, every January.

The reports outline company's profile, give an overview of Sunshine Profits' strategic CSR aims and explain how these goals were realized in 2013. Moreover, the reports reveal the plans and challenges for the following years in the CSR field. The above is supplemented by indicators illustrating activities in the following CSR areas: market - customer service, workplace, organizational governance and management - ethics, and social engagement - sharing the knowledge.

CSR Report 2015 - Light Version (75.5 KB)

CSR Report 2014 - Full Version (3.2 MB)

CSR Report 2014 - Light Version (97.3 KB)

CSR Report 2013 - Full Version (14.9 MB)

CSR Report 2013 - Light Version (86.2 KB)


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