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NishantJain, MBA, CPSM

Nishant Jain, MBA, CPSM

Hi, my name is Nishant Jain. I specialize in analyzing energy value chains in order to draw insights for investors and procurement teams so that they can meet their business objectives.

My interest in problem solving and analysis developed during my high school days, when I found myself in the top 1% at the national Physics Olympiad. I was on Cloud 9! This was my first big achievement as a teenager, and I realised that I enjoy and perform well in number crunching and doing mental simulations. I pursued my studies in engineering and developed crucial skills in critical analysis and systems thinking. While it was a great learning experience, I found the theoretical component unappealing and became interested in the practical aspects of the engineering business.

My first five years in the corporate world were in two diametrically opposed industries: Information Technology and Steel Manufacturing. After writing software programs for two years in a comfortable office job, I made a drastic decision and joined a steel manufacturing company. It took a great deal of mental adjustment to work in shop floor operations alongside bright orange molten steel, although I made it easy by imagining myself on the movie set in the ending scenes of Terminator 2. My thinking broadened and I became resilient. I was by now convinced that I wanted to play a role in the crossroads of technology and business.

After taking a break and getting my MBA in 2013, I became a consultant and dabbled in the art of data-driven problem solving. While advising large companies in optimising their procurement decisions for key energy commodities, the dynamic and exciting field of Energy 4.0 caught my imagination. I’ve now been exploring the markets of both fossil fuels and renewable energy for the past eight years. Oil has served us well so far, and will continue to play a critical role in the coming years as the transition to greener sources of energy accelerates.

I recently became a Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM). It’s helped me develop robust models to understand the impact of supply-demand dynamics, government regulations and logistics in the oil market. Combining the fundamental and technical analysis provides me with a highly comprehensive view of oil futures markets. I feel excited to keep you updated on this journey in discovering complex, inter-dependent and critical supply chains of crude oil and helping you tap into various trading opportunities in this field.

While currently employed in Canada, most of my working years have been in India. Both countries are doing quite a lot in energy transition, which makes it exciting. After a hard day's work, I like to pick up my guitar and strum some classic rock tunes.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I would love to hear from all of you, so go ahead and ask questions! You can use our contact form.

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Thank you,

Nishant Jain, MBA, CPSM

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