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How to get market analysis for free

We've made the sign-up process as simple as possible (and as fast as the Fed is printing money). All you need to do is to provide your first name and email, agree to the terms of service, and confirm your email address. As simple as that! You’ll get access to our free daily newsletter which includes our free commentary on latest market developments, hand-picked links to fresh online essays, news that shape the future, and best practices on how to trade and invest in precious metals. It's not as deep nor detailed as our premium publications, but it's a good place to start and to get to know us and what we have to offer.

What's available to non-registered visitors?

All visitors of our website receive access to the research section that includes investment reportsinterviewsvideoslist of key rules for successful investing, gold trading tips, and investment dictionary.

Will I be able to really take advantage of this website without having superior financial knowledge?

Absolutely yes! We will provide you with step-by-step tutorial videos, constantly growing dictionary and a professional support team that is specially trained to explain complicated concepts in plain English.

What information is required to sign-up for free? Do you want my credit card number, address, and shoe size?

Absolutely not! The free sign-up is no-obligation and private. All we need is an email address, so we know where to send your free notifications. Also, since most people don't like receiving emails starting with "To whoever it may concern..." we will ask for your first name, just to make our communication more personal.

Are we crazy to give away so much value for free?

It's simple. Once you get started and begin sleeping well knowing that your investments are made with sound logic supported by years of painstaking market analysis, you will simply get addicted to that feeling. You'll want our best - our premium publications and investment tools. Our satisfied clients can tell you that. See  what they say..

Even though we operate this website, in fact, we don't own it. You own it. This website is all about you. It is your portfolio that grows thanks to our researchmarket alertscharts and toolsIt is your contributions that make Sunshine Profits possible. In fact, this is your website. So thank you in advance for your contribution to your site.

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