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Gold’s Breakdown and its Implications

The previous week was extremely important for gold & silver traders and investors. Gold moved visibly below its final rising support line and silver broke below the $19. Miners moved below their 61.8% Fibonacci retracement. Will the precious metals sector really plunge shortly?

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Prolonged Uncertainty May Push Stock Prices Lower

Stocks extend their fluctuations as investors take some profits. Will uptrend continue? Or is it due for a correction?

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Anything New for Crude Oil?

On Friday, crude oil lost 1% as a stronger greenback in combination with ongoing worries that global supply is plentiful weighed on the price. Because of these circumstances, light crude reversed and erased some of Thursday’s gains. Did this move change anything in the short-term perspective?

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USD/CHF - Consolidation Or Slowdown?

Although data showed that the Empire State manufacturing index rallied to 27.5 from 14.7 in August (beating analysts’ expectations for an increase to 16), U.S. manufacturing activity unexpectedly fell 0.4% in the previous month. Thanks to these mixed numbers, the U.S. dollar slipped against the Swiss franc, but did this drop change anything?

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More Weakness Than You Might Think

We saw a great deal of activity yesterday. Bitcoin shot up to almost $500 before settling at a lower level around $485. The volume was relatively significant, particularly compared with the previous days. The events we saw yesterday may have been influenced by the ECB and its announcement of further interest rate cuts and new asset purchase programs. Will yesterday's move up have a lasting effect on the market?

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Gold & Silver Trading Alerts

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Forex Trading Alerts

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Market Overview

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How to profit from seasonal price fluctuations

"Sell in May and go away" - you've definitely heard this saying before... But did you know that the best month to sell gold is, in fact, February? In this video, it’s going to show you how to confront buzz and dogmata with real world data.

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Aug Market Overview

Gold Market Overview

The programs of active purchasing of government debt and commercial assets may be curtailed. Yet, as we have often discussed at length, it is not the most important element.

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